The focus of L’Jon is skin health. Working together with science and mother nature to achieve glowing, healthy skin

Our founder

Lisa Nicholson, a Bio-Chemist, found a passion for developing revolutionary ways to care for the skin by understanding exactly the way our skin works.  Her goal was to formulate a line of skin care products that would be derived from naturally sourced ingredients and keep them free of harmful additives or preservatives.  Lisa wanted to create a product line that would be of the highest quality available, rivaling or exceeding any product currently in the market and that would still be accessible and affordable for most anyone. Most importantly, Lisa wanted the L’Jon products to work with your own body to deliver a complexion that is clean, healthy and radiant.

Lisa succeeded.

Through years of research and formulations, a truly natural skin care system which achieved amazing results was developed and has in fact been around for 30 years.  The company operated by Lisa and her husband and partner John Nicholson, has remained true to it’s loyal customer base from Canada and the US, continuing to produce and deliver the in demand hand-batched products each week.

We’re growing! 

It’s time to let the world know that the way to your best complexion is a simple four step process that is suitable for all skin types and ages, because it works together with science and mother nature to achieve glowing, healthy skin. It’s affordable and it’s guaranteed.

“Beautiful skin is your best accessory and I’m proud to offer a skin care system that works. The L’Jon skin care line was formulated out of a sincere desire to help.  In using the L’Jon Skin Care System you’ll be rewarded with the kind of skin you’ve dreamed about having…”

Lisa Nicholson, Founder L’Jon Skin Care