The L’Jon Skin Care System is suitable for all skin types. Women, men and all ages.

It’s safe and natural and since it works with the metabolic process found in all skin, the same four step process works for everyone and eliminates the need for a multitude of products.

One characteristic of young looking, healthy, luminescent skin is the abundance of moisture that it contains.  As we age, the skin loses its ability to produce and retain moisture in the upper layers and surface oils slowly decrease, consequently, the skin appears dry, wrinkled and prematurely older.

L’Jon Skin Care has the most comprehensive approach to the treatment of dry or oily skin that science can produce.  We incorporate in our formulations both moisture attractions and moisture retention.  Over time, the L’Jon system will normalize the skin by reducing dryness and minimizing oiliness.  You will be rewarded with a radiant, younger-looking complexion.

The skin formulations, which have been created by L’Jon, are truly unique; developed as an anti-aging system because of a need to counter the accelerated aging process: havoc is wreaked daily upon the skin by environmental pollution.  More recently, through ozone depletion, there is less protection from the sun, causing additional damage.  As well, further damage is self-inflicted by the use of harsh soaps and other skin irritants.  These irritants include scrubs, facial masks, denatured alcohol toners and petrochemical-based moisturizers.  These products, which supposedly were designed to beautify the skin, succeed in damaging and aging it by artificially lubricating and plumping it.

The natural skin care products offered by L’Jon represent a highly effective, natural system designed to work with the metabolism for optimal cell renewal, bringing about true skin health.  Youthful skin metabolizes rapidly; aging skin metabolizes slowly.  Through the careful selection of natural herbs, vitamins (antioxidants) and a revolutionary moisturizing system, L’Jon ingredients are carefully selected to most closely approximate the natural elements found in young, healthy skin.  L’Jon allows your skin to achieve its optimal metabolic best.  The results: a smoother, younger, healthy looking skin.

L’Jon is against animal testing and the use of animal products.  All ingredients are responsibly sourced and environmentally friendly.